Mr. Chuck Bevers

Mr. Russ Campbell

Mr. Leroy Connors

Rev. Alma Dungee

Ms. Tyeka Grant

Mr. Michael Horner

Mrs. Ashley Wieters Redmond

Mr. Evan Reich

Mr. David Wolf
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Ex-Officio Members:

Ms. Micki Boulineau (HS Faculty Rep.)

Ms. Regina Keene (Booster Rep.)

Ms. Melissa Frasier (HS Principal)

Ms. Erica Joy (MS Principal)

Ms. Nancy Wickstrom (PTO Rep.)

Ms. Jessica Wolfrey (MS Faculty Rep.)


The Board is responsible for governance issues such as budget oversight and policy.  The Principal is responsible for day to day administration and implementing policy adopted by the Board.

For governance questions or concerns, please contact the Board Executive Committee at