Greetings CCSMS scholars and family,

We would love for you to share all of your summer events with the year book committee! Just as a reminder, the ReplayIt app is still an ongoing way to share contributions for the yearbook, don’t forget to give us information on what is happening in your picture so that we may organize the yearbook better. In case you’re not sure how the ReplayIt app works, here’s the know how. Through your devices app store, download ReplayIt. When you first use ReplayIt, you’ll have to go and find Charleston Charter under a list of schools to begin sharing photos with us. The password to begin sharing is CCSMSriptide1. Another thing we want to remind you of is the October Fun Photo Fest. The Fall Festival will be a great place to take pictures to share with the yearbook team, which can also be sent to

Important Dates:

December 5th – Price increase by $5 ($50 to $55) for yearbook orders
Feb 24th, 2017 – Final copy count / personalization due

Dear CCSMS Scholars and Family,

The yearbook team is currently working on the wonderful 2016-2017 yearbook and are actively taking orders! Right now the signature package comes with 4 free icons, and after December 5th there will be a price increase by $5 to $55 for the yearbook.

If $50 already sounds like too much, it is important to note you can go through the website, for easy payment plans. Checks should be written out to CCSMS and sent with your child to the front office, Room 211 (yearbook headquarters), or to their CREW teacher.

All orders are due by Feb 24, 2017. The theme for the splendid yearbook this year is EVOLVE, and the cover design has been contributed to us by the 2015-2016 yearbook staff.

Thank you for being interested in the 2016-2017 yearbook, we really hope to impress.

For all of our CCSMS Family:

We would love to have your help in collecting pictures for the yearbook. Now, with the free Josten’s app ReplayIt, everyone can submit pictures for our yearbook photo files.

For the month of October we will run a Fun Photo Fest contest in which people can submit pictures to be showcased in our yearbook.Please remember to tag your entries with your contact information and the names of subjects in your Fun Photos!

If you want to contact us, the yearbook team’s e-mail is