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Math Department

At CCSMS, we strive to have your student prepared for Advanced Placement (AP) level mathematics by the time they reach their senior year.  This means that our philosophy on math is slightly different here as opposed to other public schools.  All of our 8th grade students enroll in Algebra 1.  This course is double blocked to ensure that your students have a good foundation for their upper level math courses in high school.

For students who are ready for the challenge, our 11th grade students can enroll in both Honors PreCalculus and AP Statistics during the same school year to get their first of two possible AP credits.  For their senior year, we offer AP Calculus, giving students at CCSMS a possibility of gaining two math college credits before they leave our campus.  In order to make this program successful, we must have a team of incredible teachers, and we certainly have that!  Our teachers are all highly qualified and extremely effective in the classroom.

Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone in our department if you have any questions or concerns about math education at CCSMS.

Middle School Teachers:

Ms. Reigle   hreigle@charlestonmathscience.org

Ms. Kilgore –  mkilgore@charlestonmathscience.org


High School Teachers

Ms. Dauoheuang – rdauoheuang@charlestonmathscience.org

Ms. Rich – arich@charlestonmathscience.org

Ms. Bucciarelli  – jbucciarelli@charlestonmathscience.org

Mr. Porter  mporter@charlestonmathscience.org