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Science Department

Our Science Department consists of both Middle and High School Science. The goal of the Science Department is to present science as a rational and systematic observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena.

Middle School Teachers

Ms. Gandy  –  tgandy@charlestonmathscience.org

Mr. Hinson  –  dhenson@charlestonmathscience.org

Ms. Patterson  –  hpatterson@charlestonmathscience.org

High School Teachers

Ms. Papay  –  mpapay@charlestonmathscience.org

Ms. Withrow  –  jwithrow@charlestonmathscience.org

Ms. Rivers  –  srivers1@charlestonmathscience.org

Ms. Black  –  vblack@charlestonmathscience.org

Ms. Bucciarelli  –  jbucciarelli@charlestonmathscience.org