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Learn About CCSMS

The Charleston Charter School for Math and Science (CCSMS) is a publicly funded school that focuses on math and science. This academically demanding middle and high school serves nearly 520 students in grades 6–12. Our school day runs from 8:00 -3:00, Monday through Friday.

In accordance with the charter school model, CCSMS is run by an annually elected Board of Directors comprised of parents and community members.

Our Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Charleston Charter School for Math and Science is to educate students for success in college and careers by providing an innovative learning environment that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive, and socially equitable.

Working in accordance with the South Carolina Charter School Act, our school will aspire to be a diverse learning community that supports and celebrates enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Together we dedicate ourselves to:

  • Improve student learning and increase learning opportunities for students.
  • Help our students become competitive in the global economy.
  • Encourage the use of a variety of productive teaching methods.
  • Establish new forms of accountability for schools and assist South Carolina in reaching academic excellence.
  • Create new professional opportunities for teachers, including empowering them to be responsible for the learning programs at CCSMS.

The purpose of CCSMS is to create an alternative to the failing public schools in Charleston County. The charter school model was a natural fit for parents and community leaders looking for autonomy from the school district and the ability to create a new learning environment that is available for all students. Downtown Charleston’s District 20 was chosen as the location for CCSMS both because of the failures of the existing schools and also because there is a large, underutilized school building, which has served as a high school and as a middle school at various periods in its history.

Early in the process of creating CCSMS it was decided that the school should focus on math and science for many reasons. Educators stress that these subject areas require extra preparation in both middle and high school. Students who receive extra preparation in both math and science will become more successful in college and have more career opportunities. Consequently, Charlestonians, South Carolinians, and Americans will benefit from increased levels of student achievement.

“I applaud and support the effort to establish a charter middle/high school on the Charleston peninsula. Nothing is more important to our city than expanding opportunities for quality education. Towards that, the Charleston Charter School for Math & Science will be a tremendous and welcome addition.”

– Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Former Mayor of Charleston

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