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The Charleston Charter School For Math & Science

The Charleston Charter School for Math and Science offers an advanced curriculum in science and mathematics to students throughout Charleston County. Our project-based learning model brings math and science to life and provides a hands-on curriculum that utilizes the best of the Lowcountry’s scientific and natural resources. In addition to core curriculum classes, courses are offered in five career pathways:

Biomedical Sciences

Business and Entrepreneurship

Computer Science

Education – teaching math and science

Engineering and Architecture

The vision for achieving academic excellence began with a passionate, committed group of educators, community leaders, and parents who believed in public school choice for all students, who believed in the charter school governance model to design and manage a challenging academic environment, and who believed that a well-run charter school presented a viable solution to the nationwide public education crisis. These pioneers garnered a $650,000 grant to plan and implement the school, and a five-year charter was issued to CCSMS in 2007.