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 PDF Instructions:  Canvas - How to get Paired with your Scholar.pdf 


How to Pair Your Scholar’s Canvas Classes

First, have your scholar login to their canvas account through their gmail account. To do this:

1. Log into your school email and go to the waffle in the top right corner.
2. Click the link to Canvas to login.

See image below:

  Screenshot of Google waffle 


In order to pair with your scholar, you are going to need to find their “pairing code.” Following the instructions below to find their code.

1. Once your scholar has logged into canvas, Open Settings by clicking “Account” (1) on the left side bar, then click the “Settings” link (2).

     Screenshot of parent login 

  2. On the right side of the screen, click “Pair with Observer.”

 Screenshot of button to pair with observer 

3. Make a note of the Scholar’s Pairing Code. You will use this code (1) later in the directions. The pairing code will expire after 7 days or it’s first use.

 Screenshot of click link to pair with scholar code 

Next, as a parent or observer, you will need to create an account with Canvas if you have not already. Use the following link to make an account: (click “Need a Canvas Account? Click here, it’s free!”)

Enter your information and include the Student Pairing Code as noted in the first set of instructions above here.

 Screenshot of login  Screenshot of form to complete 


If you need to add a student to your already existing Canvas account, follow the directions below:

1. Sign into your Parent/Observer account.
2. Open Settings by clicking the Account, then click the Settings link. (Step 1-3 above).
3. Open Observing

 Screenshot of click link to observing 

4. Click the Observing link. Add Student. Type the pairing code in the Student Pairing Code field that you generated with your scholar at the top of this page and click the Add Student button.

 Screenshot of adding scholar pairing code  

5. View the paired student to confirm.

You should now be able to view your student’s Canvas course.